Wood grain brick paving method ingenuity modeling

Wood grain brick is one of the home decoration materials, and the wood grain brick has high fidelity, vividly mimicking the fine grain of the wood; the surface is waterproof, easy to clean, if dusty, can be directly wiped with water; itself has flame retardant The characteristics of non-corrosion are green and environment-friendly building materials; the products have long service life, wear-resisting, and do not need to be periodically waxed and maintained like wooden products. Then, the following Xiaobian introduced the method of wood grain brick paving and laid out the ingenious shapes.

1, "determined program." The commonly used wood grain brick paving methods, in addition to the traditional well-shaped ceramic wall tiles like a law-abiding, horizontal and vertical paving methods, there are wood grain brick-shaped, I-shaped, oblique-shaped thread and other paving methods. Paving can be described as varied. Each has its merits. So be sure to work with the designer to determine the plan first.

2, "leveling." The so-called leveling, immediately before the paving of the brick, should deal with the surface of the building or the surface of the wall. Such as the ground, interior walls, exterior walls and so on. Eliminate surface attachments and mix them with semi-moistened cement sand.

3, "bomb line." Stretching means using a long thin line, applying white ash cargo, determining the central axis of the brick, and then sticking it along the line.

4, "choose brick." It depends on the type of bricks laid out in the plan, and it is selected and put into categories. For example, floor tiles, bricks on the wall, and woodgrain tiles on the skirtings should be separated to avoid confusion.

5, "impregnated brick." The wood grain bricks must be soaked with the same water as the polished bricks and antique bricks. They must use tap water or clean water, they must not use swill or dirty water, and they must not use oily sewage. The soaking time does not take too long, that is, it can be soaked. .

6, "mixed pulp." The cement sand should be mixed in a ratio of 1:2. The cement with a label below 200 should be used. If the cement with a too high label, the internal grain tension of the wood grain brick will be formed, and the wood grain brick will be severely cracked.

7, "spray". Remove the soaked wood grain bricks, wipe the water stains on the wood grain bricks, and spread the grout evenly on the back of the wood grain bricks. The thickness of the mortar is 2-3 cm, and then the wood grain bricks will be spread on the surface of the cement sand. Use a wooden hammer to gently knock the brick surface of the wood grain until it is even and flat.

8, "dressing". The wood grain bricks are laid well, and the cement is not yet completely dry. The cement can be observed with the naked eye or measured with a horizontal ruler, and the wood grain bricks can be trimmed according to the standards. Check the flatness of the brick shop, the straightness of brick seams, etc. Find the problem and fix it immediately, severely reopening the wood grain bricks.

9, filling. If you want to fill the joints, then dry the joints with a hook after the cement has dried, and then fill it with a matching colorant. Of course, in the paving process of wood grain bricks, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the gaps. The gaps of the antique bricks are generally 3 mm, so that the three-dimensional effect can be more prominent.

Editor's summary: The wood grain brick paving method was introduced here and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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