Why carbon steel stainless steel round manual flapper valve than the price of expensive

The function of the plug valve is simple but indispensable. The plug-in valve is only a simple switching function, and it can not be used for quantitative supply. It only provides the switch to temporarily shut off the material flow when other valves and equipment are briefly maintained and replaced. Although the use of plug-in valve is simple, it is the most effective sectional door. It has simple structure and low failure rate. It is easy to disassemble and maintain. It can replace its own parts without affecting its use. It is affected by the use of negative pressure. Most of the use with the impeller feeder used in conjunction with each other. The common type of plug-in valve is used at normal temperature. The high-temperature materials and corrosive materials can be customized according to the use conditions, but the plug-in valve should not be used for valves with high sealing valve and gas cut-off valve, which will make the plug The plate valve does not achieve its proper function, and it is also a function that our product design does not have at the beginning.
What is the working mechanism of the plug valve? The plug-in valve can be generally divided into four types: electric plug-in valve, electro-hydraulic movable, pneumatic plug-in valve and manual plug-in valve. The plug-in valve is usually composed of a valve body, a valve plate, a valve plate frame, a screw-clamping drive device, an expansion joint, and a valve plate traveling drive device. The valve plate is composed of a through plate and a blind plate, and controls the flow and cutting of the medium; the floating seat and the corrugated expansion joint are welded together, and the travel driving device drives the valve plate frame to move to realize the through hole valve plate and the non-through hole valve plate. Conversion; clamping drive device drives the screw drive device to rotate at the same time through the chain drive, finally realizes that the screw nut drives the floating seat to move horizontally, so that the sealing surface of the floating seat presses the O-ring on the valve plate, and the valve realizes sealing.
The plug-in valve is also called manual knife-type gate valve. The knife-shaped gate valve is a kind of valve that the gate plate and the valve seat are always in close contact and seal. The principle is that the gate plate has a diameter-sized round opening, which is opened and closed by the gate plate. Makes the round port on the ram plate completely separate from and consistent with the diameter. The advantage of this valve is that there is no groove in the bore of the valve body, the medium does not block and block, and it has full-through flow characteristics. Its sealing structure can be divided into soft seal and hard seal structure. The penetrating knife gate valve is characterized by its precise structure, good craftsmanship, and compact structure. The valve seat is a movable structure designed with anti-wear and automatic compensation functions, so it has a longer life. During the closing and opening process, the valve seat and the gate plate are always in close contact with each other, so that the valve opening and closing force is stable and has the characteristics of cutting off the medium.
It is necessary to know the specific types of the plug-in valve when selecting the plug-in valve. Normally, when we purchase the plug-in valve, we have DN, PN and other letters. Simply put, this is the nominal diameter and nominal pressure of the plug-in valve.
Nominal diameter: (nominal diameter), also known as the mean outside diameter, represents the symbol DN, which is the general caliber of various pipes and piping accessories. The pipes of the same nominal diameter and the pipeline accessories can be connected with each other and have interchangeability. It is not the actual outer diameter or inner diameter of the pipe, although its value is close to or equal to the inner diameter of the pipe, in order to uniform the pipe and pipe connection dimensions The nominal diameter (also called nominal diameter, nominal diameter) is used. For example, the thickness of welded steel pipe can be divided into thin-walled steel pipe, ordinary steel pipe and thicker steel pipe. Its nominal diameter is not the outside diameter, nor is it the inside diameter, but a nominal size that approximates the inside diameter of a typical steel pipe. Each nominal diameter corresponds to one outer diameter, and its inner diameter value varies with the thickness. The nominal diameter can be expressed in metric mm, or in inch. Pipe fittings are also represented by the nominal diameter, meaning that there is a seam pipe.
Nominal pressure: (Nominal pressure), indicating the symbol PN, the maximum allowable working pressure when applied at a certain temperature. Control valve for carbon steel valve body, refers to the maximum allowable working pressure when applied below 200°C; For cast iron valve body, it refers to the maximum working pressure for application below 120°C; Control valve for stainless steel valve body, refers to below 250°C The maximum working pressure allowed during application. When the operating temperature increases, the pressure resistance of the valve body will decrease. For example, a carbon steel control valve with a nominal pressure of 6.4 MPa (PN64) has a pressure resistance of 5.2 MPa at 300°C, a pressure resistance of 4.1 MPa at 400°C, and a pressure resistance of 2.9 MPa at 450°C. . Therefore, the determination of the nominal pressure of the control valve must not only be based on the maximum working pressure, but also on the basis of the maximum working temperature and material properties, rather than merely meeting the nominal pressure greater than the working pressure.
How much money for a certain type of plug-in valve is a concern for buyers, can not give a specific digital life, the price of raw materials on the market is currently unstable, almost every day, especially the steel price fluctuations this year compared Large, so how much money for a set of flapper valve does not have an accurate price, can only call and consult, we will change back to real-time quotes according to the market, to ensure that customers buy in our factory is a high-quality low-priced products.
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