What is the home renovation process? Home renovation steps

As we all know, decoration has become a major event for many families, but it is really a headache for those who have no experience in decoration. Now many people want to decorate their house after buying a house. Some people like to decide how to make their own decisions. Every place in the family chooses their own decoration. However, some people prefer to directly entrust the decoration company to make renovations. Below we introduce the home decoration process and steps to everyone, I hope to give you a reference and reference. Let's let the decoration home network Xiaobian take everyone to study together.


House renovation steps and processes:

1. House renovation steps and processes---pre-design

Before the decoration, it is best to confirm the style of the house according to your own ideas. For example, you can make plans according to your usual living habits and family preferences. Of course, the decoration company will also give you various suggestions, which can be considered comprehensively.

2, the building renovation steps and processes - the main body to change

Before the renovation, the main body must be demolished, including our common wall-breaking, turning, shovels, plastic steel windows.

3. Housing renovation steps and procedures---Hydropower transformation

Hydropower transformation is an important project. First, we must confirm whether the materials used in this stage are cold water pipes, hot water pipes, line pipes, etc. are regular products. In addition, before signing the contract, the construction unit should specify the various materials, brands, models, specifications, wall thickness, etc., and then the construction personnel should carry out the certificate acceptance. The plumber must hold the double certificate and the hydropower construction is completed. Accept the construction details. (At the same time, we remind you that before the hydropower transformation, we need the first cabinet measurement).

4, housing renovation steps and processes --- woodworking

Woodworking enters the field, the woodwork includes ceilings, wardrobes, wine cabinets, partitions, doors and windows, etc. Note that the distance between the plasterboard and the wall should be 3MM to avoid cracking. The floor should be laid 30 degrees or 45 degrees between the board and the board. Leave 2~3MM, the seams should be staggered, etc.

5, housing renovation steps and processes --- mason (tiling)

It is also possible to lay the balcony, kitchen and bathroom tiles in the muddy water stage. In addition, the floor drain installation should be done at the earliest. It is best to buy it in advance. After the kitchen wall and floor tiles are laid, you can consider installing the range hood.

6, the house renovation steps and processes - brush wall paint

When painting, first clean the wall, wait until it is clean, then paint. To paste the wallpaper, you need to surface the wall before you can start pasting.

7, the house renovation steps and processes - kitchen and bathroom ceiling

The first thing to do is the ceiling of the cabinet. When the kitchen and bathroom are suspended, the kitchen's moisture-proof ceiling lamps and exhaust fans (Yuba) are recommended to be purchased early. It can also be installed at the same time, or leave the thread and opening.

8. House renovation steps and procedures---floor installation

Before installing the floor, it is best to let the floor manufacturer take measurements on the ground of the house to see if the floor needs to be leveled for better installation.

9, the house renovation steps and processes - furniture appliances into the market

After all the above steps are completed, all the furniture and appliances can enter. Some partners will ask when the furniture is best for purchase. I personally suggest that it is better to choose the size of the furniture after the hydropower.


Home decoration is really a very complicated project. In a family, some of the decoration is best for the couple to discuss together, so that some things that are decorated will satisfy both parties. After all, the family is living together. The place. Of course, directly entrusting to the home improvement company should also contact the style that you want. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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