What is a ternary material?

"Ternary" international authoritative dictionary Merriam-webster defines "three yuan" as "Having three elements, parts, or divisions or arranged in threes Therefore, “ternary material” refers to a whole composed of three chemical components (elements), components (simple substances and compounds) or parts (parts), including alloys, inorganic non-metallic materials, organic materials, and polymers. Composite materials, etc., are widely used in mineral extraction, metal smelting, material processing, new energy and other industries.
The conventional battery positive electrode material is lithium cobaltate LiCoO2, and the ternary material is lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide Li(NiCoMn)O2, a ternary composite positive electrode material precursor product, which is made of nickel salt, cobalt salt and manganese salt. The ratio of nickel-cobalt-manganese can be adjusted according to actual needs. The battery with ternary material as positive electrode is safer than lithium cobalt oxide battery, but the platform is too low, which is used on mobile phones (the cut-off voltage of mobile phone is generally around 3.4V). The feeling of insufficient capacity, there are already batteries in the ternary materials on some cottage phones, especially the battery with relatively high capacity. The capacity of lithium iron phosphate is low, which is not suitable for the current pursuit of high-calorie mobile phone batteries. The applicable range is: power battery, small electric product features: low cost, high gram capacity (>150mAh/g), working voltage and current There is electrolyte matching (4.1V), safety is good. Now the common nickel-cobalt-manganese ratio is listed as 424 333 523 701515 1C gram capacity. The sample test provided by Henan Thinking is 145 147 155 165 workshop compaction is 3, 4 3.5 3.3 3.2 The use of ternary in the domestic mobile phone ** The obstacle is the so-called discharge platform. The old view is that 4.2V is put into 3.6V time is the time for mobile phone work. In fact, many mobile phones are now 3.3 or even 3.0V. Shut down. Japan and South Korea did not have a platform. Compared with lithium cobalt oxide, the energy density of ternary energy needs to be improved. Japan mentioned the similarity with lithium cobalt oxide, that is, the compaction of Japanese ternary is close to lithium cobalt oxide. gap. If the compaction is brought up, the ternary will replace the lithium cobalt oxide based on cost advantages and safety.

Powered Pins Fastening System  is firstly invented by our company in China. Not like as other Direct Fastening System, it only includes two parts: Tool and Powered pin. For the pins are joined to energy(Powder or solid propellant) by plastic part. Like this, we can do fastening work very rapidly. Especially for Ceiling fastening, we can do it just in floor, which is much  faster than traditional way. No ladder required. No dust. Low nosie. 

We can provide two kinds of Powered pins:  double-base powder (DB series) and solid propellant( nitro-cotton,SP series). DB series can provide very steady and strong fastening. SP series can not only provide very steady fastening, but also can provide no-lead worksite requirements. For the system is 100% lead free in compliance with OSHA (CFR 1926.62). What's more,It is classified as non-explosive allowing for standard shipping and storage of the fasteners. The result is a system that stresses operations and environmental safety.

Our tool can be both used for two series.


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Powered Pins Fastening System

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