What are the three taboos of store decoration?

For the clothing store, only if the decoration is attractive enough to allow customers to enter, coupled with the current market competitiveness, more and more shopkeepers begin to pay attention to the decoration of clothing stores, whether it is external color choice or The internal details are processed everywhere to reflect the style positioning of the owner. Of course, the decoration of the clothing store is to increase sales. Therefore, the design of the style, window design, and merchandise display is a very university question. So what are the decoration techniques of the clothing store ? ? Let's take a look.

Clothing store decoration tips

1. Appearance design

The appearance of the store is the most intuitive thing. It not only reflects the sense of grade, but also shows a certain personality. From the current market conditions, most people are more inclined to modern style, which gives people a sense of freshness and modern high speed. The harmonious unity of the running society also reflects the trend of clothes.

2. Signboard design

After the name of the store is selected, it is then necessary to think about the production of the signboard. Its layout and installation must be trendy, eye-catching and beautiful, because this will allow customers or passing pedestrians to see clearly from a farther or multiple angles. See, and at night should be accompanied by neon signs.

3. Entrance and exit design

For the entrance and exit of the store, it must be designed to the store's range, flow, location, and item characteristics. If the layout is unreasonable, it will cause crowded people or the goods will go to the exit without being seen by the customer, which will affect sales. Good entrance The design should be able to reasonably allow consumers to browse the audience in an orderly manner from the entrance to the exit without leaving a dead end.

Three taboos of store decoration must know

1. The counter should not be placed at the exit

In order to promote products, some stores often set up counters in the exit area of ​​the ladder, so that customers can see the sold products as soon as they go upstairs, so as to increase the possibility of the goods being purchased. In fact, this approach will cause customers to deliberately bypass this The counter, so as to walk to the counter next to it, at this time may wish to move the counter blocked by the stairs 2 meters away from the side, the effect is better.

2. Don't play deafening music

In order to create an atmosphere, some businesses will play some very high music. In fact, this approach is very inappropriate. Generally speaking, soft and elegant music can make customers linger and forget, increase the time that customers stay in the store, and enhance the possibility of customer consumption. Sex, and the ear-sounding music in Feng Shui is called the sound of evil, which is a kind of fierce, which will make people feel irritable.

3. The color of the storefront cannot be set casually

Nowadays, many stores pay great attention to the colors in the store. According to relevant personnel, the bright color system will make people in a relatively excited state and arouse people's desire to buy. In addition, from the perspective of feng shui, the color of the store interior should be Combined with the owner ’s birthday, the orientation of the storefront, and the five-line attributes of the goods sold, so as not to make a rush.

Summary: Ok, the above is about the contents of the clothing store decoration techniques, I hope to provide you with some help, I believe that in the future clothing store decoration process, friends will be more handy and create their own satisfactory results.

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