What are the prices of ceramic tile tiles classified?

Tiles are the most common building materials in our modern home decoration. Our common concern for ceramic tiles is their environmental protection and water absorption. But do you know that tiles are also classified? Buy tiles must know the classification of tiles, otherwise you do not know which tiles are suitable for you. Here we introduce: the price level classification tile and tile.

What are the tile classifications?

First, the classification of ceramic tile classification is divided into A, B, C, etc. according to the radioactivity of ceramic tile.

1, A grade

Class A is not limited in scope of use and can be used in all areas of home improvement. Therefore, the environmental performance of indoor floor tiles must meet Class A standards. The national standard for the radioactivity of tiles is GB6566-2001. The radioactive specific activities of natural radionuclides Ra-226, Ru-232, and K-40 in the class A decoration materials satisfy the requirements of IRa ≤ 1.0 and Ir ≤ 1.3 at the same time as class A decoration materials.

2, B level

Class B decoration materials do not meet the requirements of Class A decoration materials but at the same time meet the requirements of IRa ≤ 1.3 and Ir ≤ 1.9 are Class B decoration materials. Class B decoration materials shall not be used for the interior surfaces of Class I civil buildings, but may be used for the exterior surfaces of Class I civil buildings and the interior and exterior finishes of all other buildings.

3, C level

Class C decoration materials do not meet Class A and Class B decoration materials but Class C decoration materials meet the requirements of Ir ≤ 2.8. Class C decoration materials can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings and other outdoor uses. Granite with Ir>2.8 can only be used in places where humans are rarely involved, such as steles, seawalls, and bridge piers.

Second, the grade of tiles is divided into two levels according to the grades specified by national standards:


2, a product

Excellent grades are the best grades, and grade ones are products that have slight flaws. At present, the export volume of ceramic tiles in China is quite large. Basically, every factory has its own products. Some of the products that export orders are also digested in the domestic market.

Third, there is a classification of tiles classified as:

1, A grade

2. Grade B

A grade is the best grade, A grade is divided into AAA grade, AA grade and A grade, AAA grade is the best grade. Grade B products are products that have slight flaws.

Tile price:

Hudson glazed tile floor tile 7.8 yuan

Hudson Indoor Tile Floor Tiles 800x800 39.9 RMB

Plus way black full body tile 600x600 43.2 yuan

Santa Marisa anti-slip floor tile polished brick 300x600 19 yuan

Linus shell glass mosaic puzzle wall 40 yuan

Editing summary: The classification of tile grades and the price of ceramic tiles are introduced here. I hope I can help you. For more information, please pay attention to this site.

Tile tile brand tile maintenance tile purchase

Hard Acrylic Courts are suitable for professional competitions and training. The company uses 100% imported acrylic water-based materials, in full compliance with environmental requirements, has good wear resistance, waterproof, sunscreen, non-slip, can be laid indoors and outdoors asphalt or cement surface.
Hard Acrylic Product Features:
1,100% silicone resin composition, non-toxic, non-asbestos, in line with environmental requirements;
2, all-weather acrylic sports venues UV material, has excellent wear resistance, long weatherability, safe and comfortable;
3, the color is stable, does not fade, no blistering, no cracking, no mold, long life, durable 5 years, cheap, easy maintenance;
4, non-slip performance is good, the athlete is not easy to slip.
Basic requirements:
â‘  flatness with 3m ruler in either direction the height difference between two points does not exceed 3mm;
â‘¡ cement-based maintenance of at least 28 days, at least curing asphalt foundation for 14 days;
â‘¢ cement-based pulp with wood pulp to mention when mentioning pulp, do not sprinkle cement powder or shovel to receive mirror light;
④ The entire stadium drainage slope of 3-5 ‰, drainage direction parallel to the direction of drainage in the side of the network;
⑤ cement foundation can be set up in the middle of a network of expansion joints, division line can not be set expansion joints;
â‘¥ cement-based cracking is difficult to avoid, the hair does not affect the fine slits play, but structural cracking should be avoided, expansion joints and cracks can be used two-component polyurethane material into the crack.
Waterproof bottom:
With acrylic primer 1: 3 ratio of watered, fully stirred, roll coating on the base surface, after rolling carefully check the no missing place.
Bottom fill:
Acrylic primer with 1: 2: 2 ratio plus 60-80 mesh quartz sand and 425 cement, watered with water and then add cellulose for full mixing. Fill the depression inside the venue to reduce the phenomenon of water, so that the stadium ground leveling requirements.
Strengthen the middle:
Acrylic fabric at a 1: 0.5: 0.1 ratio of 60-80 mesh mixed quartz sand and 250 mesh quartz powder, watered thoroughly mixed with imported rubber scraping rake scraping, on the basis of providing a homogeneous, thick cushion, Increase the stadium strength, improve the quality of the entire stadium surface.
Texture surface:
Acrylic fabric at a ratio of 1: 0.25: 0.25 80-100 mesh mixed quartz sand and 250 quartz powder, fully watered mixed with imported rubber scraping rake scraping the audience a layer of scratch, so that the surface has a uniform texture Effect, increase wear-resistant function and adjust the ball speed. After this layer of dry solid, with a shovel shovel out of the sand, sweeping away the dust.
Course marking:
Acrylic drawing material directly watered, draw the standard course boundaries of two.

Hard Acrylic Courts

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