Timber prices fall, market competition leads to a decline in the price of solid wood furniture

On the one hand, "the price of solid wood furniture has dropped, which is very important because the price of raw materials has fallen." Recently, the China Timber Price Index (TPI) issued by the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association showed that in September 2012, China imported timber comprehensive price index. It was 108.9%, down 10.4% year-on-year. The total level of timber imports in China fell by 0.03% from the previous month.

In the Yuzhu International Timber Market, as a nationally known timber distribution center, there is no imaginary bustle and no spectacular wood piles. Many shops are closed, and some empty shops are filled with one or two piles of wood that are less than one person tall. It seems very deserted. According to Ms. Wu of the fish and pearl wood market, this year's market is not good, demand is low, and timber merchants are not inclined to accumulate large quantities of inventory. In addition, the storage cost of too much inventory is also relatively expensive.

The price index released by the fish bead timber market shows that the domestic sawn timber has only slightly changed from 2011 to now. The domestic sawn timber index reached a phasic high of 139.47 points at the end of March 2011, and then fell slightly, reaching a level at the end of May this year. The stage high was 144.43 points, an increase of less than 4%.

On the other hand, due to the sluggish furniture export market, many export furniture manufacturers have to convert some of their export business to domestic sales, resulting in more fierce competition in the market, and businesses will naturally introduce certain benefits. Some special products launched by some merchants have resulted in the price of large pieces of solid wood furniture as low as several thousand yuan. These solid wood furniture, which are very "close to the people", are mainly made of wood produced in Russia and northeast China, such as eucalyptus, eucalyptus, birch, etc. . The price of imported timber is relatively high, although the price of the product will decrease, but the price will still be much higher than the domestic solid wood furniture.

"Market competition has reduced the profits of the factory, and it has also pushed the price of solid wood furniture to no longer be high." Wang Ke stressed that in recent years, the mechanization of furniture production has increased, which can shorten the working hours required for the production of single-piece solid wood furniture by several times. Etc. also makes the comprehensive utilization rate of raw materials generally reach 90%, which promotes the popular production and price reduction of solid wood furniture. Qumei also said that it can reduce the cost of the product because it also covers different types of products including solid wood furniture, wood furniture and panel furniture.

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