The Lock Trade Platform "City Partner" started to launch!

City partner
Smart locks are developing, thousands of brands are participating, but the enthusiasm for consumer purchase has not really gone, and the traditional multi-level agent sales model has prompted some installation tasks to be in the hands of dealers, and another group of online shop customers with installation needs. It was also diverted by the messy platform. At the same time, in the trial experience on the platform, the locksmith installation service was not safe enough, and the wait-and-see attitude was not dare to concentrate on the dispatch; the installation price remained high, and the installation service quality could not be implemented and regulated. Therefore, the platform has great responsibility. It is necessary to open source to recommend more display platforms to more manufacturers, online shop operators, and strive to place orders. On the other hand, we must do a good job of standard management and service standards implementation, and refine service processes and quality. The cooperation skills and service awareness of the cooperative masters can enable the brand task manufacturers to trust the platform of the online store, rest assured and trust the cooperation masters who are stationed on the platform, so that these points can make them bold and confident to release more tasks.
In the two years since the establishment of the lock trade platform, more than 3,000 manufacturers have been established, and there are only more than 300 brands with a single experience, and it is basically an experiential test. The resident master has already forced 30,000, and there are so many porridges. The only task is naturally difficult to meet the needs of the master. At present, the Lock Tradelink platform has been responsibly stood out, and has already issued the "Smart Lock Installation After-sales Service Convention" in major mainstream media, in order to break the silent initiative display and establish the industry service benchmark with 12 first indicators. To convey confidence to more and more manufacturers' online shop, to build momentum for the lock trade platform and expand the influence of the lock trade platform.
At the same time, the Lock Trade Platform decided to intensively work, select a better service team for the master, start the county-level “regional joint venture” plan, and support a small number of cooperative teachers with responsibility, technology, vision and responsibility, from a single The locksmith turned into a smart home service provider that can rely on the smart lock single product service and operate.
This will not only establish a stable service network and cooperation masters in the county-level regions of the Lock Tradelink platform, but also achieve a small number of exemplary model masters who are rich and motivated to perform more tasks. Help the cooperation masters to concentrate on ordering the smart lock brand, and purchase the best-selling products with high quality and low price with better policies. The third advantage is that the cooperative master can not only earn more profits by distributing products, but also get More installation tasks; the fourth advantage is to help the original shareholder to sell products, improve the comprehensive profitability of the lock trade platform, let shareholders make money, and let the cooperative masters make money; the most important advantage is that the lock trade platform can pass this plan. Self-raised enough funds for: efficient customer service team upgrade, docking with more brand mission vendors, e-commerce platform drainage such as Jingdong Tmall, national tour training landing meeting, and accelerating market operation, etc. Strive for more development space.

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1. Free platform franchise fee
The certified master only needs to pay one of the smart locks of the 1,000-yuan subscription platform strategic direct brand, and promises to abide by the platform rights and responsibilities to apply for priority. At the same time, this fee will be transferred to the applicant's security in the service quality of the lock trade platform. Join a single zero complaint within 2 years, the fee can be transferred to the continuous service fee or redemption of other goods.
Direct product collection time is from July 1st to September 30th, 2018, during which time no product purchase is available. The display, purchase and delivery time is expected to be October 2018.

Second, the interests of urban partners
1. The designated brand (telecommunications department) in the jurisdiction is assigned exclusively to the partner name, and other tasks are prioritized and can be re-allocated;
2. 50% reward for all mission commissions in the jurisdiction, whether or not in their own name;
3. Exclusively for product distribution or commission reward: 10% of the transaction price per order;
4. Develop the masters and dealers in the jurisdiction to enjoy the reward of RMB 1, 20 and RMB 100;
5, become the recommended master of Lock Tradelink APP; awarded the "resident excellent service provider" plaque;
6, priority management training; promotional gifts are earmarked for;
Third, the city partner overview
1. Certification and order masters are preferred;
2. Have a sense of management and be familiar with the resources of the county (prefecture);
3. It is necessary to set up the county's master group to facilitate the dispatch and training;
4. The cooperation period is 2 years, and the renewal of the contract is preferred under the same conditions;
5. Each county-level area is limited to one, and the team has priority, and can share multiple certified masters in the jurisdiction;
6. Each applicant applies for a maximum of two areas;
7. Be sure to perform all tasks in the jurisdiction with high quality; do not refuse to single or pick orders due to price or distance factors.
Contact information
Applicants must add WeChat to obtain an application form, and the application form can be confirmed after payment. Please use official official WeChat or Alipay account.
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