The details of the living room feng shui can not be ignored

The layout of the financial position has a lot of attention, specifically the following three major considerations:

The feng shui is good, it is to add points to the environment you live in; and the feng shui is not good, just minus points. It is not just a factor of Feng Shui that will completely change our fortune or living environment. There are a lot of taboos in the living room, and some small details, if you can notice it, are very helpful for your home.

1. It is best not to have beams in the living room. If there is, it is best to decorate it in some beautiful or artistic way.

2, the moving line of the living room (that is, the passage for people to walk) should be smooth, from the living room to the various spaces, do not bend around, so that the Yangzhai gas can be smooth, and the family will flourish.

3. The calligraphy and paintings hanging in the living room should conform to their own status and hang different paintings according to the different occupations of the company. For example, business people should hang public portraits or Taoyuan three knots to express loyalty and credit.

4, the living room is not suitable for hanging mirrors, because it is fierce in the wind and water. But if the door of the living room just slams the corner of the house or the wall, the mirror of the noodle mirror can dispel the ominous rush.

5, the ancients said: "The home of the good must have Yu Qing", of course, if you really do not have much time or to deal with indoor feng shui always do more good things, people are already good.

What pictures are not suitable for hanging in the house:

1. Pictures that are too dark or too black are not available for purchase. These paintings seem to have a heavy sense of feeling, making people depressed, pessimistic and lack of motivation to do things.

2. The picture of the ferocious beast should not be purchased, otherwise the family's health will be poor.

3, it is not appropriate to hang more than one abstract painting of the characters, because the family's emotions are repeated, psychological imbalance, easy to be nervous.

4, painted the sunset and the sun's paintings do not hang, so the class portrait has a diminishing effect.

5, it is not appropriate to hang the portrait of the deceased relatives, because it will make you do things to increase the pressure.

6. It is not suitable to hang pictures like waterfalls, because these paintings are repeated by the family.

7. Don't hang too many red portraits because it can make your family vulnerable or tempered.  

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