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Taxes, transportation, rent, and labor account for 60% of the price of imported furniture. "A 'foreign' sofa with an ex-factory price of 10,000 yuan, domestically sold for 40,000 yuan. Is there a price moisture in the middle?" Mr. tells that when he recently searched for a consumer target in an imported home store, he looked at a imported leather sofa of 40,000 yuan. The shopping guide told him bluntly when recommending the product, although the ex-factory price of this sofa was 10,000 yuan, The intermediate links of taxation, transportation, rent, labor and so on have caused the cost to increase by two or three times. Even if they sell for 40,000 yuan, they do not make much money. Is it that the “profiteering” products in the eyes of consumers have become “difficult households”? In the face of this “cost-transparent” shopping guide, Mr. Guo feels a little panic. In this regard, some insiders said that imported furniture with high price moisture is not without. However, the current rent, transportation, and labor costs have skyrocketed. The price of most products is 2 or 3 times higher than the ex-factory price. It is well-founded. Consumers may wish to calculate their own accounts. From "factory" to entering "sales" in China, at least four major cost-related "imported furniture with a price of 1 million yuan, it is likely that there is no domestic furniture that sells for tens of thousands of yuan to earn money." Faced with imported furniture "profiteering" The argument that Mr. Chen, who has represented a European furniture brand for many years, hopes to use an example to bring out the answer. Mr. Wang bluntly said that the cost of adding imported furniture is very high. Take a set of furniture with a price of 1 million yuan, and remove the cost of getting goods by about 15%. The tax, transportation, rent and labor costs account for about 60%. And it should have been 25% of the profit, and it will be consumed a little bit in the process of “waiting for sales”. If this piece of furniture is sold for half a year, it will hardly make any money. Indeed, for the current manufacturers of imported furniture, the four levels of “tax, transportation, rent and labor costs” have almost become “magic curses”, which is the decisive factor affecting the final price of furniture. In this regard, Wang Lanyu, general manager of Super Comfort International Home, also took the situation of his own brand as an example to help consumers calculate their accounts. He said that at least 20% of the value-added tax must be paid for each purchase (17% of the furniture value-added tax and about 3% of the freight VAT); domestic rents have grown rapidly in recent years, accounting for 30% of the selling price; The freight and labor costs at home and abroad probably account for about 15%. Therefore, imported furniture now wants to enter China for sale, and the cost is basically low.

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