Teach you to eliminate office radiation

Due to the improvement of living standards and medical standards in the modern society, life expectancy per capita is longer than in the past, but pollution and pressure also lead to an increase in chronic patients. To be healthy, you have to start from the office. The office radiation engulfs the white-collar workers' health every day like a bug. Although the amount is small, it is still very obvious that the accumulation of long-term damage. What are the ways to deal with them?

One, often drink green tea, eat black fungus, there are cruciferous vegetables such as rape, vegetables, mustard, cabbage, radish, etc., but also has the function of radiation damage.

Second, stay away from strong radiation appliances. Copiers, typewriters, don't stay next if not used. Many companies provide microwave ovens to facilitate employees' hot meals. We don't need to use it to work. We need to remove the microwave oven plug so that it doesn't really radiate. When using a microwave oven, we should not let the body face its glass door.

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