Teach you how to identify the quality of ceramic tiles

Tiles are the outermost material on the floor or wall in the home environment. Tile tiles mainly look at the master craftsmanship, but finding a good master is not easy. Many homeowners do not know how to identify the quality of the tiles , and finally bring a lot of trouble. Learning tile-laying related knowledge is very beneficial to the owner. The following will teach you how to identify the quality of ceramic tiles .

A method of identifying good and bad tiling

1. Check the flatness of tile tiles. You can use aluminum alloy square pipes (or other objects that can be used on the ruler) with a length of 2m or so to place them on the tile. If the tile surface can be seamless with the square pipe, It is a very qualified tile construction.

2. Check the seam left when the tiles are laid, visually paste the tiles, and then leave the seams vertical and vertical to each other, and the gaps are uniform. The gaps between the seams are not filled or not, and the seams between the close-packed materials should meet the requirements.

3, check the tile paving whether there is empty drum phenomenon, with a wooden stick or hammer wood, with two fingers virtual holding the stick, walk while moving edge by block tapping the middle of each tile and four sides, Be careful to be sure to check the tiles after 3 days. If percussion is empty empty empty drums, sound Dangdang when comparing real voice instructions, is no problem. If the empty drum reaches 1/3 of the tiles, then this tile needs to be re-attached, otherwise it will easily get smashed or fall off.

Two tiling Notes

1. Wall tiles

(1) When handling grassroots, all kinds of dirt on the wall should be cleaned up and watered and moistened one day in advance. If the grass-roots level is a new wall, when the cement mortar is 70% dry, bricks, bullets, and sticky-sandwich wall tiles should be used.

(2) Tiles must be soaked in clean water for more than 2 hours before they are affixed. Tiles should not be bubbling and should be taken out for drying.

(3) encountered during pipeline laying adhesive, with light switches, bathroom equipment, such as the support member, the entire tile must be cut anastomosis sets, prohibit the use of non-integer brick patchwork paste.

2, floor tiles

(1) Tiles should be immersed in water for half a day before use, and bricks should not bubble.

(2) The kitchen and toilet should have a water gradient, and no water should accumulate, and the water should not fall back. If the original waterproof layer is destroyed during construction, waterproof treatment shall be done. There is no leakage during the 12-hour test of accumulated water.

(3) After the laying of the floor tiles , cover the brick surface with cardboard, etc., and walk on the brick surface at least after 24 hours. After tiles, note: After laying for 1 hour, you should wipe the cement, sealant or other sticky objects left on the tile in time, because it is difficult to clean after four hours like the sealant. . After 12 hours of paving, check the brick surface and if there is any empty drum sound, re-lay it. Paving bricks can be walked after 24 hours, scrub thoroughly, mix the clean water with clean water, and thoroughly clean the tiles.

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