Teach you how to choose waterproofing agent?

The cement waterproofing agent is a chemical admixture added to the cement. When the cement sets and hardens, it expands in volume and plays the role of compensating shrinkage and prestressing of the tensioning steel and filling the cement gap.

1. Start from practicality. As long as the domestic brand of water repellent can provide inspection reports on the waterproof effect of the authoritative department (preferably the National Building Material Bureau), and the inspection result is not lower than or slightly lower than that of foreign products, it is better to choose domestic brands. Domestic brands have advantages in terms of price, and they are easy to purchase. When there is a dispute over product quality, they are also better negotiated. The technical support and after-sales service of product providers can also keep up with the time.

2. Consider the price. The price of water repellent in China varies greatly. If the price is considered to be high, the waterproof effect is good and the high-priced water repellent is selected. The cost per unit area of ​​the repellent will be too high and the profit of the company will be relatively low. Therefore, when selecting a water repellent, the relationship between price and effect should be taken into consideration.

3. Select from the surface type of stone products. According to the type of stone surface to be treated, the corresponding water repellent should be selected. If it is a glossy marble, then choose a suitable waterproof agent for smooth marble, sandstone stone material is selected for the sandstone type of water repellent, matte surface stone is suitable for the use of matte surface type waterproofing agent.

4. Choose from the feasibility of the operation. It is advisable to use less water when choosing a water repellent, as many factories and construction sites do not have enough space to use as a place for water repellent treatment. Water repellents can penetrate quickly and do not need much time for drying. The operation method is simple and fast.

5. Think about the concept of environmental protection. Water repellents sold on the market are environmentally friendly and non-environmental. When selecting the water repellent agent, it is necessary to consider whether the selected water repellent agent is harmful to the environment, the operator, and the user. The environmentally friendly water repellent has no pollution to the environment and does not cause side effects to the operators, let alone harm the health of the personnel. Non-environmental water repellents have certain irritating odors, and some even have particularly strong irritating odors. When eaten during use, they can cause lung damage. In severe cases, they can cause breathing difficulties. Excessive exposure to this type of water repellent aerosol can cause skin irritation, dry and chapped skin, throat irritation, breathing difficulties, and dizziness. Non-environmental water repellent residual liquid can not be dumped into the sewer, otherwise it will have some impact on the environment.

6. Choose new products that are upgraded as much as possible. The stone chemical industry has developed rapidly and many new, better-performing waterproofing agents have been born. If the price-performance ratio of the new product is more advantageous, consider choosing new products as much as possible when choosing the waterproofing agent.

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