Selecting mineral processing equipment and material data analysis method

The selection of different mineral ore dressing equipment is also different, how to choose mineral processing equipment; what are the selection methods in the case of different ore composition; what are the methods of material data analysis after ore determination, and whether or not the choice of mineral processing equipment is decided? Henan Dingda Machinery Factory recommends how to choose the right beneficiation equipment based on years of data analysis of ore dressing and ore material analysis.

Choosing the right ore processing equipment, we must first determine the composition of the ore and material data, then in the analysis of the material composition of the ore, Henan Dingda Machinery Factory uses the following three main methods:

1. Flotation method: This method is mainly used in various flotation machines. The principle is based on the difference in the wettability of the mineral surface, adding different agents to effectively separate the useful components of the ore from the gangue. This method is very versatile. Most ore separation operations can be achieved by flotation, but the cost of beneficiation is high.

2. Magnetic Separation: It is based on the magnetic properties of different components in the ore. Mainly used for magnetic separators to handle some ferrous metals. In addition, there are some electrical separation methods, friction methods, photoelectric mineral separation methods and hand-selection methods. The principles they use are mainly the different principles of the conductivity, friction coefficient, color and luster of minerals.

3. Re-election method: The re-election method is mainly used for the separation of tungsten, gold, tin, manganese, iron and other minerals, but also includes some rare metal resources, but the most widely used method is for coal preparation. The principle is that the density of the mineral itself is different, and there are differences in the movement speed and movement trajectory in the medium such as water, air, heavy liquid or suspension, so that the purpose of separation can be achieved. The beneficiation equipment that can be used in the re-election method includes: shaker, jig, spiral chute, hydrocyclone, spiral concentrator and so on.

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