Mixed Proteolytic Enzyme Efficiently Remove Non-Structural Proteins of Original Leather

Model NO.: mixed proteolytic enzyme
Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
HS Code: 3202900000

Product properties
GR-M402 degreasing soften enzyme soaking agent is a mixed proteolytic enzyme, its ingredients is specially developed for degreasing and quick soaking process, open varieties of wrinkles of soft original leather by carefully selected and special formulation.
GR-M402 degreasing soft enzyme soaking agent can accelerate the speed of soaking greatly, so that it is particularly suitable for short-time (4-6 hours) quick soaking, or used for 24 hour soaking/liming compact process.
The optimum PH range of GR-M402 degreasing enzyme soaking agent is 9-11. GR-M402 can remove non-structural proteins, proteoglycans, residual blood and dirt in the leather quickly and fully after using. And using the product can make quick and even penetration effects of subsequent liming material, resulting in a smooth, clean gray bare skin.
GR-M402 can remove natural fat efficiently, make fat evenly distribute and improve dye absorption, reduce surfactant dosage significantly. 
Usage guidance
GR-M402 can be directly joined to drum, tilt drum or paddle-tumbler to use. If necessary, can add baking soda or soda ash to adjust PH value of bath foam. At the beginning of soaking, the PH value should not exceed 10.5, after finishing soaking, the PH of bath foam, best controlled between 9.5-9.8.
 The product is suitable for production of all type original leather.

Recommended dosage:
Original leather type Dosage of degreasing soft enzyme soaking agent Process time
Fresh leather 0.25 - 0.35 % 3 -  6 hours
Salt wet leather 0.25 - 0.35 % 3 -  6 hours
  0.10 - 0.25 % 10 - 12 hours
Salt dry leather 0.40 - 0.80 % 12 - 24 hours
Note: Add different diluent in leather chemical materials different section enzymes, as there is different nature of the dermis in each section.
Leather diversity and different resources, local production operating environment all can affect leather enzyme using effects, recommend to do small testing under same production operating environment, then do mass production.This can avoid damage and influence to hide because of excessive or different process. Particularly to less quality leather, process technology and time must be more accurate.
Technical data (typical)
Appearance: Light yellow or white powder, granule
Main ingredient: Degreasing soften protease
Product activity: 1000LVU/gm
pH value(10% aqueous solution): About 7.0
Shelf life & storage
Storage: 5-25ºC dry room temperature (product should be sealed in occlusive device and avoid contact moisture and high humidity)
Shelf life: under correct storage conditions, shelf life is 6 months, if stored long time or under high temperature and high moisture, increase dosage to reach ideal effects. 
All enzymes and their preparation products should be stored and used carefully, avoid direct inhalation and enter eyes, although the product is produced based on low dust formulation, also need wear mask when weighing. More information, please refer to safety data sheet.
Note: The data is just as guide data, changed based on different production conditions, production technology and effects. Please use the product according to specific requirements, meanwhile, recommend to do small testing, then use in mass production. Suggest to use after testing based on machine types, leather resource, water quality and user requirements. Our company do not response to any loss of leather caused by improper use.

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