How to relax the living room? Living room dining room ceiling considerations

The ceiling is a method to pay attention to, and it should be designed and decorated according to the area of ​​the ceiling. When decorating a house, many people will hang the ceiling, and the ceiling can have a particularly good decorative effect. If you want a better ceiling, you must master the design principle of the ceiling . Do you know how to ceiling ? Today, Xiaobian teaches you some design methods for living room ceilings. Friends who want to make ceilings may wish to follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to make an understanding and make our home more beautiful.


How to hang the ceiling in the living room - the living room ceiling can be designed with a recessed shape

Generally, the height of the residential floor is about 2.8 meters. If the top of the living room is decorated with a ceiling, the design will be slightly suppressed and it will appear depressed. The general family design ceilings are designed to cover the beams of the roof, but if the ceiling is too low for the beams to be moved to the roof, it is not suitable for the culture or design of the house. Because if the ceiling is designed too low, it will create a strong sense of pressure that collapses in the sky, which will have a negative psychological impact on the occupants. In combination with the traditional culture concept, the better ceiling shape is the thick and thin middle arrangement. This design can alleviate the feeling of depression on the surface of the sky, and the visual effect is more comfortable. The recess in the middle of the ceiling also symbolizes the Tianchi of the water, which will be of great benefit to the house. If you hang a magnificent crystal lamp in the center of this pool, you will have the finishing touch.

How to relax the living room - the living room ceiling should not be uneven or sharp

Some houses were left with a brux and the ceiling was slightly inclined. Traditional culture believes that this sloping roof is easy for the occupants to be mentally depressed, and the ceiling needs to be leveled through the later decoration. The same is true for design ceilings. Try to avoid bumps or sharp corners. Traditional culture believes that facing the ceiling of this type of style for a long time will make people feel violent, and family members are prone to conflicts and disagreements.

How to ceiling in the living room - the living room ceiling should not be designed with mirror

Some owners think that after installing the ceiling, there may be a feeling of depression. Therefore, it is planned to use a mirror to extend the visual space to alleviate the depression caused by the low ceiling. From the perspective of traditional cultural theory, the design of the mirror on the ceiling will have an adverse effect. Because the scenes reflected from the mirror will be consistent with the floor, symbolizing that the world does not open, contrary to the laws of nature, will make the home transport stagnant. And for a long time, it is illuminated by the mirror. What people see is the shadow of their own reverse. The mental health of the elderly and children may also be affected.

Living room restaurant curved ceiling notes

The curved ceiling decoration of the living room dining room depends on the situation of your home. Many people think that only the ceiling can display their own grades, but now the height of some houses is very low. If you install a ceiling, it will be more narrow, making people feel depressed, and there will be various kinds of long-term residence. The problem. Many people think that the ceiling should be colorful and colorful, but in our family, this design is not reasonable and will destroy the warmth of the whole family.


The small-sized living room dining room with curved ceiling decoration is relatively limited. Why do you say this? Because it is small, there is no extra space to waste, so it is especially important to make reasonable use of space to create a comfortable and unpressed living environment, especially in There are plenty of activities in the living room and restaurant. In the case of a suspended ceiling, it is generally designed by means of a ceiling in the living room dining room, which can create a sense of overallity and space for the entire space, making the dining room and the living room look bigger.

Everyone knows that the position of the living room in the layout of our entire home is very important. When designing the living room ceiling, you should master some techniques and methods, and also follow the design principles of the living room ceiling, so that you can be short. A good design effect is achieved in the time, so that the ceiling and the overall decoration style of the living room are more matched. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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