How to look at the appearance of NTN bearings

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How to look at the appearance of NTN bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-15

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When using NTN bearings, we must first look at the appearance of the imported bearings; to determine whether it meets the specifications we need. Let's share them with us.
The inspection of NTN bearings should be carried out under astigmatism; carefully investigate the surface, cracks and other parts of NTN bearings.
1, a variety of mechanical scars; such as abrasions; scratches, crushes, bumps, etc.; will form NTN bearing device failure; incurs eccentric load and stress gathering; formation of rotation accuracy and the use of life reduction.
2, rust, black skin and pitting; the latter two are the shortcomings of simple storage of water and dirt; the simplest to develop rust. And rust is the source of pollution, early wear and fatigue; severe rust will make NTN The bearing is invalid.
3, a variety of cracks; such as the original data crack; casting cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks; these cracks in the future NTN bearing operation; will become the source of stress gathering and agile expansion; form NTN bearing break; NTN Bearing life and operational safety have a great impact. In fact; NTN bearings for important applications; NTN bearing factory has 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection of its components.
4, peeling and folding; the two shortcomings are not well connected with the base metal; and there are often different degrees of decarburization or carbon deficient appearance; the data simply collapse, underdentation or wear; NTN bearing life And the accuracy is very arrogant.
5, the quality of the riveting or welding of the cage; the first investigation of whether the rivet head can be biased, tilted, slack, lack of meat or "double eyelids"; the orientation of the welding can be correct; the welding point is too large. Rejuvenation is a vassal of vassal."
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