How can furniture companies be proud of the future market?

How can furniture companies laugh at the market?

Tap the value of furniture brands and create new sales models. Sales is the highest profit margin in the furniture industry chain, but sales are also the most tested team strength. For a long time, the production and sales of Chinese furniture companies are out of touch. The specific sales are usually not in the hands of the production enterprises. The production enterprises need a group of non-close cooperation dealers all over the country to take the sales and the high profits in the sales chain because of the sales enterprises. High costs often offset each other. And because the dealers' management level is high, the economic strength is very different, the sales performance fluctuates greatly, and the production enterprises are difficult to control.

In the new consumer environment, it is the main survival rule of furniture companies to benefit from sales. A large furniture company has recently abandoned its business for overseas OEMs, focusing on the creation of brand-name stores and the creation of new brands. What is different is that the company relies on its own strength to carry out brand self-employment and has gained a lot. This is a good start and a useful revelation: In the future, the profits of furniture companies will mainly come from the sales link and from the brand premium.

Original design, personalized customization. The way Chinese people consume furniture products has changed: they are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the overall design of their home space. Furniture is no longer an independent existence, but an inclusive presence that is attached to the entire home environment. What consumers need is a design home environment, not just an elegant piece of furniture. Under such a tide of consumption, furniture companies have only actively transformed themselves into design-oriented enterprises and personalized custom-made enterprises. In fact, timely implementation of this seemingly revolutionary transformation of enterprises has yielded a lot of economic benefits, and enterprises that have not transformed, good can only save the previous results, and it is difficult to have great development.

Take the tide of the Internet and keep up with the times. Network sales are in the rising channel of rapid development. If you ignore its existence, it may devour you. This is the cruel and ruthless law of survival in this world.

I believe that as more and more companies participate in online sales, online sales will become more mature. New online sales brands and online sales platforms will emerge. Today's smash hit online sales platform will definitely not be the ultimate existence of online sales. Network sales are jointly owned by all enterprises with basic network knowledge. As far as the technical content is concerned, it is not so advanced. I believe that there will be more excellent traditional enterprises that can control the online sales platform and find a new world of sales for their own enterprises.

Docking internationally, the vision should be broad. In the new era of consumption, furniture companies must have an international perspective, have the courage to sell products abroad, and have the courage to purchase products from abroad for domestic sales. The world has changed so rapidly that China’s economic development is being driven by exports, investment, and consumption, and it has become mainly driven by consumption. When consumption is increasingly becoming the main theme of Chinese economic life, it is difficult for large furniture companies without international vision to survive.

In Guangdong, many furniture companies have opened their factories overseas, sourcing furniture design products from overseas, hiring overseas designers to work for themselves, and selling products overseas under their own brands. Some furniture companies have been adhering to the principle of both domestic and foreign sales to diversify business risks. Such an international perspective is worthy of more research and reference.

In the future, furniture companies that are not good at integrating resources around the world are very difficult to survive. With the improvement of China's economic development level, the participation in the world economy is getting deeper and deeper, and it will be more and more affected by the overseas world. The business risks of the domestic furniture enterprises that are immersed in hard work will definitely be Increase.

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