High-end stone processing area with a total investment of 4.4 billion yuan and the central stone trading market in Macheng settled in Macheng

1512524743820917.jpg On December 4th, the high-end stone (marble, imported granite, artificial stone) processing area with an investment of 2.4 billion yuan and the central stone trading market project with an investment of 2 billion yuan settled in the Central (Macheng) Stone Recycling Economy Industrial Park, which marked the city of Macheng. The development of the stone industry has taken a new height. Yang Yao, Cai Xuan, Duan Hu, Liu Huaqiang, Dai Fusheng, Dai Changyuan, Wang Bo, Wang Xianqi, Gu Xingsheng, Wang Jinzhi and other city leaders attended the signing ceremony. The city leaders and Li Longcai, the chairman of the Central Business (Macheng) Stone Industry Park Development Co., Ltd. Chen Ruizhu, Chairman of Nan'an Jiafeng Stone Industry Co., Ltd., Ai Di, Representative of Australian Rocky Marble Group in China, and Chen Guoxiang, General Manager of Turkey Tianma Mining Co., Ltd., signed the development and admission agreement. 1512524776788686.jpg Yang Yao, secretary of the municipal party committee, congratulated the successful signing of the project. Yang Yao pointed out that the signing of the two major projects marks a key step for the Macheng stone industry to go from Macheng mining to buying the country to sell the country and buy the world to sell the world's ambitious goals. It is also the key to the manufacturing industry from the past to the whole industry chain. A key part of building a march. Yang Yao said that it is necessary to clarify the development of the stone industry in Macheng, grasp the law of the development of the industry, and accelerate the leap-forward and innovative development of the Macheng stone industry. It is necessary to speed up the construction of the whole industry chain of stone, and make efforts to form a healthy, matching and complete processing chain for the future development, and truly make Macheng a domestic demonstration park, a low-carbon park, and a resource recycling benchmarking park. To promote the construction of green mines, rely on the existing foundation, further integrate the reorganization and processing enterprises, scientific planning, orderly mining, and resolve to solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of resources and outstanding environmental problems in the process of mining and transportation; Support and promote the development of major infrastructure in Macheng stone industry, design and high-end stone processing, trading market, exhibition center with the same plan, start and promote together; identify their own positioning, strengthen the brand building of Macheng stone industry, introduce and Cultivate and develop a number of well-known brand enterprises and advantageous brand products that have influence in the industry. Yang Yao also stressed that it is necessary to fully support the project construction. All localities and departments should further unify their thinking, raise awareness, form a consensus, and sincerely provide services for the settled enterprises, so that they can concentrate on investment, grasp construction, and grasp management. Really turn the stone industry into a model of public-private partnership development, forming a mutually beneficial and win-win situation. 1512524816755552.jpg The signing ceremony of the project was presided over by Mayor Cai Xuan. On behalf of the municipal government, Gu Xingsheng signed a contract for the high-end stone processing trading area project and a memorandum on the construction of the central stone trading market on behalf of the municipal government. It is understood that the high-end stone processing trading zone project plans to invest a total of 2.4 billion yuan, the introduction of processing high-end stone enterprises 20, at the same time start construction, and put into operation at the same time, the project can achieve an annual output value of 4 billion yuan. The central stone trading market project plans a total investment of 2 billion yuan. After the project is completed and put into production, the annual sales income will be 3.5 billion yuan. The completion of the two projects will increase the employment of more than 20,000 people.

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