Furniture trade-in "test" out three major benefits

The furniture trade-in policy that began in Beijing on November 1st is bringing huge impact to the home furnishing industry. In the practice of five pilot enterprises including Real Home, Red Star Macalline and Lan Jingli, the reporter found that the management of the store has been upgraded, the business operation has been standardized, and the customers have been active in shopping. These three advantages are facing the weakness of consumption. The home industry has injected new vitality.
Promote store management upgrades
On November 4th, Beijing tried to change the first Sunday of furniture trade-in. At the entrance of Red Star Meikailong East Fourth Ring Store, there is a signboard of “10% subsidy for furniture replacement”. The time, place, form, details, subsidy standard, return, old collection, and subsidy deadline are all detailed. “We also set up a shopping guide and consultants to interpret policies, introduction processes and skills for customers.” Wang Wei, vice president of Red Star Macalline, told reporters.
Red Star Macalline is only one of the five furniture-for-new pilot enterprises determined by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce through bidding. The other four companies, including Real Home, Lanjingli, Jimei Home and Chengwaicheng, are all led by this government. The management gained an upgrade in management. Actually, the home is not only the pioneer of furniture trade-in, but also the first to implement the clear price; Lan Jingli specializes in the development of “cloud platform” and implements transparent management of single products; Chengwai and Jimei both of them implement clear price tag for enterprises involved in trade-in. And it will be publicized on the Internet and synchronized with the network of the Municipal Commerce Commission. "This pilot is not only for the relevant enterprises, but also for the management of all home stores, is a promotion and promotion." Liu Chen, Secretary General of the Beijing Branch of the Beijing Market Association, commented.
Supervising manufacturers' business practices for furniture companies, they have gained an opportunity to operate a business by participating in furniture trade-in.
Furniture agents mostly hold individual business licenses, and it is not uncommon for customers to invoice customers when selling furniture. According to the old-fashioned trial policy, 10% of the subsidies enjoyed by consumers are 5% of the government and enterprises, and 5% of the government's commitments are advanced by the company. There is no valid invoice, and the company cannot receive this subsidy from the government. . "For some enterprises that have been operating in a formal way, it is normal to invoice and pay taxes, but some enterprises that are not standardized will have to regulate them and benefit the long-term development of the company." Wang Qingchang, director of Feimei Furniture Design, said .
Another manifestation of corporate normative operations is that internal management must be strengthened. "The price of each store may not be the same, but the participation in furniture trade-in, the transaction price must be the same, otherwise it will be disqualified." Wang Wei said that Red Star Macalline has a person to conduct market research, found that there are acts of falsification on the price, except for the red star The party will also impose penalties, and will also apply to the Municipal Commerce Commission to cancel its pilot qualifications. "This forced the company to strengthen management. After all, any punishment is a shameful thing."
Improve customer enthusiasm "If it is not a trial-and-trade policy, I will not look at the old sofa at home." A woman who just selected a non-same sofa at Jimei Home Dahongmen told reporters that the sofa used ten In a few years, the style is very old. "It's a pity to throw it old. It can't sell the price. This time, the old-for-new trade-in directly saved 1,000 yuan and used a new sofa."
In front of the checkout counter of the furniture store of the North Fourth Ring Store in the home of the home, the customers lined up to pay the money, and most of them participated in the furniture trade-in. A salesman outside the city told reporters with a smile, the business has been much better in the past few days, and nearly half of the customers have been attracted by the old-for-new policy. Yan Weidong, deputy general manager of Red Star Macalline City Center and general manager of Chaoyang Road Store, said that when the event was held in the previous store, the hotline number was about 50 or 60 per day. After the start of the old-for-new activities, more than 100 calls were received every day.
Trade in the old and find a reason to change furniture. Although the government's single-subsidy subsidy is not too much, it is still not enough. However, this policy has positively stimulated the enthusiasm of customers and brought new vitality and hope to the home industry in a weak state of consumption.

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