Field management measures for summer eggplant

    Summer eggplant is high in temperature, rainy, and frequent occurrence of pests and diseases, and the yield is low and unstable. To achieve the desired yield, the following field management measures should be taken:

    First, apply the "three" fertilizer: after the seedlings live, apply the seedling fertilizer, apply 20% of human feces and urine, 1000 kg or 10~15 kg of compound fertilizer ; when the eggplant is inflated, apply the first fruit fertilizer. , human waste 1500 kg or 15 kg fertilizer fertilizing; good strong fruit fertilizer applied, the result of human waste in eggplant was applied compound fertilizer 2000 kg or 20 kg.

    Second, manage the "three" water: In addition to pouring the fixed root water, when the fruit begins to develop and expose the bracts, pour the steady fruit water to ensure the growth of young fruit, re-grind the fruit water, at this time the fruit develops the fastest. Fill the large ditch water to reach the natural dryness of the copepod ; 2~3 days before harvesting , gently pour a bit of water to make the fruit grow up.

    Third, pruning: eggplant branches flowering habits are quite regular. The angular branches retain two symmetrical branches that are obliquely grown or horizontally grown on the fork, and are knocked out against other branches, especially vertically upwards. After the scorpion is stabilized, all the axillary buds that have occurred below will be destroyed. In addition to picking up the buds on the eggplant and the "Apricot vine", it is necessary to top the top, so that the results of each plant are 5-7 .

    Fourth, cultivating and weeding: The vigorous growth stage of eggplant is also a long weed. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the cultivating and weeding and cultivating the soil, and carry out 2~3 times before the closure of the line to eliminate the grass shortage, extend the time of preservation and the purpose of soil conservation. The culling is no longer carried out.

    V. Disease prevention and control: The pests that cause the reduction of summer eggplant production and even the loss of commodity value include plague, brown spot and bud. Anti-plague disease can be controlled by 70% dikesone 500~600 times liquid or 70% chlorothalonil 600 times liquid ; anti-brown spot disease can be controlled by 65% dasen zinc 500~600 times liquid ; the best period of anti-germination is When one inflorescence is elongated and the upper inflorescence has not been stretched, it can be treated with 2.5% kungfu 4000 times liquid or 20% deodorized 800 times liquid.

6. Harvesting: When the eggplant appears in a circle from white to light green, it should be harvested in time.


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