Easily solve the problem of electric chain hoist

When using lifting equipment, it is inevitable that you will encounter some problems, take the electric chain hoist to give an example to illustrate it, talk about the chain of electric hoist in the work can not run and start the solution.

First of all: see if the power fuse is burned out. If it is found that the starting torque is zero, the lifting accessory motor can rotate and enough fuses should be replaced. Secondly: voltage problems, many electric hoists will encounter such problems, so when buying electric hoists according to the voltage situation to buy their own products. Then: the short circuit between the stator windings, grounding or disconnection, you should check the equipment wiring problems, but also check the core pull and disconnect the situation, whether the card phenomenon, if necessary, replace the contactor. Finally: Simply look at the problem of overloading. If the motor is found to be normal, it means that the gearbox and other transmission mechanisms should be checked in a timely manner.

Each electric hoist product basically involves these aspects and hopes to provide some help for everyone. The above summary is for reference only.

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