Dew can also charge the phone

Dew can also charge the phone

As early as 2013, MIT's research team discovered that when the water in the air condenses and spontaneously jumps away from superhydrophobic surfaces (superhydrophobic substances such as lotus leaves that are extremely difficult to wet with water) At the same time, the charge will be generated. Now the team finally proved that this process can be applied to electronic devices.

Simply put, if there is a certain amount of humidity in the air, they can be used to charge their own mobile phones or other electronic products. Moreover, the materials used to complete this process are not complicated. Only a specially treated metal plate is required to allow the dew to jump back and forth and generate electricity. Although they are currently tested on copper plates, they also stated that they can be made of conductive metal.

Nenad Miljkovic, a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has calculated that using this method, about 1 microwatt per square centimeter of metal plate can be generated, and a metal cube of 50 centimeters can be used in 12 hours. The phone is fully charged. Although this may sound slow, it may be a good solution for residents in remote areas or friends who often need to work in the wild for a long time.

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