Decoration contract notice no longer makes mistakes this time

For owners who are new to the decoration, finding a reliable decoration company can save a lot of heart. However, the ideal is very full and the reality is very skinny. The home improvement market is full of various home improvement companies. There are honest and trustworthy people who also have conscience. As consumers, they can only be identified with wide-open eyes. After finding a decoration company, it is natural to sign a contract. If the contract is signed well, it will not only protect their own rights but also ensure the quality of decoration to a certain extent. If the sign is not good, you may have to lose something in the days of renovation. How can we sign a contract? Here's a brief introduction to three points.

First, sign the document does not forget to cover the official seal

When signing renovation contracts, budget books, material hand-over orders, engineering change orders, payment vouchers, and settlement statements, some consumers often do not require the decoration company to put official seals on these documents. The person's signature can be. As everyone knows, there is a great legal risk.

You need to understand the decoration contract to sign common sense

According to the provisions of our laws, except for the signature of the legal representative of the company that can represent the company, other people can only sign the contract on behalf of the company after authorization by the company. Therefore, when the document is only signed by the handler or designer, consumers cannot link the document with the decoration company. Therefore, it is best for consumers to require the decoration company to stamp its official seal on each document, which will eliminate the issue of the burden of proof in future litigation.

Second, read the meaning behind the jargon

For consumers, many renovation terms have never been heard before. However, the lack of consumer expertise does not change the rules that the law espouses. When consumers do not specify their own requirements for decoration standards, the resulting adverse consequences are borne by consumers themselves.

You need to understand the decoration contract to sign common sense

For example, if the consumer and the decoration company do not agree on the plate number used for the decoration, the decoration company has the right to choose among the plates that meet the national standards; it can completely choose the “E2” grade plate with a higher formaldehyde content but a relatively cheaper price. Instead of choosing the "E1" grade sheet with low formaldehyde content but more expensive. Therefore, before the decoration, consumers should learn as much as possible about the basic decoration knowledge and make clear the contents of the contract accordingly.

Third, increase the risk of transfer payments

The decoration personnel are complex and liquid. In this case, if the consumer chooses to pay the construction money in cash, the decoration company may later argue that the official seal has been misappropriated by the handling staff and that the collection is the personal behavior of the handling staff. The company did not know about it.

Want to understand the decoration contract sign common sense

In addition, the payment of construction funds in cash may also generate disputes over the amount of payment and currency authenticity. It is recommended that consumers should pay for the project by means of transfer, that is, transfer the money directly from my passbook or bank card to the bank account of the decoration company, and properly keep the relevant bank payment voucher so that the money can be ascertained when a dispute arises in the future. Flow direction, so as to provide strong evidence support for their claims.

These are the things that owners must understand when signing a renovation contract. Do not ignore these details when signing the contract. I hope this article will help the friends who are new to the site.

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