Chinese style restaurant ceiling effect chart

As the modern urban people enhance their traditional sense of decoration, more and more young people favor Chinese style home furnishings. Let's enjoy the Chinese-style restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture below .


The solemn, dignified Fenghua, not everyone will pursue this Chinese restaurant, but will be impressed by it.


The Chinese restaurant pays more attention to the elegant style. In the past, the Chinese image with rich colors has been replaced by elegant colors. The dark wood-colored walls are combined with simple and modern furniture to form a Chinese style suitable for modern people.


In this restaurant, the emphasis is on a huge countertop. In addition to satisfying the dining needs, there are many things to put on. Everyone sits around and cooks, chats, and prepares to eat. Sometimes eating does not consist in enjoying the result. The process of cooking is also the timing of communication.


The kitchen and kitchen set up in the kitchen become a whole. The overall color of the kitchen is mainly beige, which is very lively. The restaurant in the kitchen creates a beige-coloured theme wall and creates a curve shape that does not give any feeling of depression.


This is a completely independent super restaurant with a full range of wine coolers, dining tables, catering cabinets and cupboards. The long table is the focus of this restaurant, placed on a piece of wool printed carpet, highlighting the focus.


Due to its large size, there is also a wine cooler against the wall, which contains the owner's collection of wine. There is a sideboard near the wall at the far end, with some fine porcelain and utensils. The decoration of the restaurant is very simple, because the pursuit of simple style, so the white color of the restaurant as the basis for the decoration, dinning tables and chairs mainly wood-colored furniture.

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