China's furniture industry is booming

China's furniture industry is experiencing a wave of “solid wood furniture boom”. More and more enterprises have entered this field actively or passively, and have formed a pattern of competition among the three major enterprises.

But this boom has also brought about "chaos": the same type of products in the store, the hype about the definition of solid wood and deviation guidance, as well as the scarcity of upstream raw materials, the responsibility of the terminal dealers and so on.

The market hotspots are clear, which proves the existence of opportunities, but after calm thinking, the opposite is the chaos of the market. How to find your position and direction in disorder, is seriously testing all solid wood enterprises.

At such a moment, perhaps we need more calm analysis. From the panel furniture to the solid wood furniture, the core issue is still to solve the added value of the product. So, do we only change the raw material? In fact, every solid wood furniture industry Everyone understands that the current development mode is not sustainable, but no one can change the current market chaos. Then, why has it turned from a hot spot to a chaotic situation? What is the core crux? How should the future solid wood market develop?

"True Love Furniture TIME" after completing the "Plate Furniture Overpass" planning, it is fully committed to the "solid wood boom."

The above is the "three questions" that we are full of sincerity, and sincerely hope to seek the future of solid wood furniture development together with the elites of the industry.

Undoubtedly, the one-sided emphasis on 100% pure solid wood must not be a long-term solution. The enterprise blind competition competition material is not only an irresponsible waste of social resources, but also does not help to shape the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Materials are not part of the product, and the ability to shape the brand's command is fundamental.

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